It is important to notice that if you own property in sunny Turkey, you can receive residence permit for your children, spouse and parents.

Before real estate purchase you can come to Turkey using tourist visa issued for 30 days. One month is enough to search for the best option to buy, figure out terms of the deal and sign the agreement. When you receive an individual tax number at the tax department and open the bank account in any of local banks, you can apply for a short-term residence permit.

The residence permit in Turkey is issued by the department of foreigners.

You should provide the following documents in order to apply for the residence permit:

– real estate purchase contract or rental contract;
– special application form for residence permit, the form is taken at the department of foreigners;
– receipt for payment of state duty (residents of different countries have different sums to pay);
– valid international passport;
– copy of international passport (the page with your photo and the stamp proving your last entry to Turkey);
– birth certificates of your children must be translated in Turkish and notarized. In case one of the parents is not in Turkey, it is required to receive consent proved by apostille for children to get residence permit from this parent;
– original document of individual tax number which is issued in the taxation office for free;
– original document of insurance, the cost of annual insurance depends on the age and costs about 750 TRY per one person;
– 4 colored pictures 3*4 cm;
– copy of bank statement or document proving purchase of currency in Turkey (the documents must prove that you have minimum $6000 per year per one adult person, children don’t need such a statement).

The documents for residence permit are proceeded within a month. After the documents are provided, you will receive a certificate at police office which proves your right to stay in Turkey until you get the residence permit. When the short-term residence permit is ready, you will receive it by post. This card allows you to stay in Turkey for 12 months. You require this time to receive permit from the military department, finish the process of property purchase and receive TAPU registration which allows you to prolong your residence permit for the next year.

The short-term residence permit can be extinguished in case you stay in other country than Turkey more than 120 days.

Foreigners can receive Turkish residence or permanent residence permit after they have lived in Turkey for 8 years. Your relatives (children, siblings and parents) can receive resident permit after you have received it.
Text: Jevgeniy Nazarenko