From 1 July 2017 Turkey, in the construction regulations introduced changes.

Turkey will not build studio apartmentsThe main of them is the one-bedroom apartments. Under the new rules, the country will no longer build studio apartments. Now, the minimum number of rooms - two, гостиная и спальня (1+1). A minimum footage of apartments in new buildings - 28 m2.

Several innovations relate to the appearance of the high-rise buildings. Developers and house management will not be able to choose the color of the facades and roofs, as well as roofing material in its sole discretion. All of this will need to coordinate with the district municipality. Thus it is achieved the unity of the architectural appearance of areas and neighborhoods within them.

List of buildings also approved, which must be installed lightning rods. This high-rise buildings and structures, building schools, hospitals and medical centers, hotels, public institutions.