Generally people buying real estate items are not specialists in water delivery, electricity supply, telephone connection or satellite dish installment. It is extremely convenient when all the technical issues are solved by one company as you as a foreigner don’t have to bother with translation of your requirements to several local specialists. The advantage of cooperation with a company providing full after-sales apartment service is opportunity to solve fast all your technical problems at one place.
Послепродажный сервис1. Repairs of apartment
Does your new apartment require any repairing works? If so, the company will help you to implement all your plans and change your flat in the way you wish. The company will find a local team and assist in negotiation process. Besides this step the company will help you to buy construction material and molding and to coordinate the whole [process of repairing works.
Sometimes developers provides such a service to the clients who purchase an apartment.
2. Interior design and project implementation
Furniture and interior details are also highly important for your new flat. The company can help you to choose and purchase new furniture, textile, household appliances and other objects which make flat a stylish and cozy place to stay. If you plan to buy everything needed yourself, the company will advice you the most affordable options.
3. Cleaning
Everyone wants home to be clean and tidy. The company can offer you to clean your flat before new tenants come and in any other case. It will find the staff to clean your apartment, make schedule and consider all your requirements.
4. Renting opportunities
In case you purchased an apartment and signed an agreement with one of the companies providing full after-sales service you can use several options of getting income from your investment. The company will help you to rent your apartment out when you don’t stay in Turkey or don’t live in your flat. Also the company helps to accommodate your guests when you are out.
5. Car rent
If you need a car to fully enjoy your travelling along the Mediterranean cost you can rent or buy a car. Each option has some peculiarities and the company that solves all your issues will help you to find the most suitable option. There is a vast choice of cars to rent and the leasing conditions are affordable. If you buy a car the specialists of the company assists you during the deal.
6. Insurance
It is recommended to insure your new property. The company will help you to find the best insurance options for your apartment, your health and your car. It is better to buy a good insurance package than struggle with problems in case of an accident.
7. Transport
The company can provide you the best offers and promotions for airline tickets and you will save your time.
If you have your private manager operating your property and experienced in relative spheres you can benefit from administration of your assets in Turkey.
Text: Jevgeniy Nazarenko