All the deals connected to the property are registered at the cadastral department. It is guaranteed that all the deals are legal and each of them is registered under an individual number. Later this number is required to identify the property. This article is devoted to each step of the real estate registration procedure.

Execution of Property Purchase and Sale Contract

At this step you sign the property purchase and sale contract. You shouldn’t worry about fraud issues as far as all the deals are registered at the cadastral department. The consummated deal is witnessed by the real estate consultant. The contract must precisely describe the following aspects: information about the parts of the deal, detailed description of the real estate item, rights and liabilities of each part, terms of payment, legislative and legal rules. You have to provide a valid international passport or ID, 3 photos sized 3*4 cm, information about the parents of both buyer and seller in order to sign the agreement. After the contract is signed in most cases you pay deposit which composes 10-15% from the total sum of the deal.

Receive Your Taxpayer Identification Number

You require the taxpayer identification number in order to register your property or open a bank account. It can be received at any taxation office in Turkey. You have to provide your passport to get it.

Open Bank Account

All the payments according to the contract are executed via bank transfers. Later you will use it to pay various bills that is very convenient.

Permission from Public Authority

The permission for real estate purchase must be received by the residents of Ukraine, Belarus, Russian and Kazakhstan. The permission is issued by the military department at Izmir. This procedure proves that the object you have chosen is not located at the strategically important area.

Transfer of Title to Purchaser

The main part of the deal is transfer of title and it is performed when you provide all the permissions required. This step is executed by the state registration chamber, later it keeps one of the hard-copies of the purchase and sale agreement. Foreigners are required to be accompanied with a certified interpreter and later you pay for the translation service. The certificate proving the ownership of the property is called TAPU in Turkey and it can be received together with the keys from your apartment after you transfer the rest sum of money to the developer or previous owner of the apartment.

After the registration process is over you become the owner of the real estate item. It is impossible to challenge the consummated deal even at court. In case you need to draw a will, you should apply to the state administration of the land registers.
Text: Jevgeniy Nazarenko