How to pay for buying an apartment in abroad losslessAlmost every future owner of real estate abroad face difficulties in paying the purchase. Amount of a transaction, generally, tens of thousands of dollars, so take a lot of money abroad and pay for it in cash apartment or house is very risky. You may have problems at customs, there is a risk of robbery or theft of money, no confidence in the security of payment in the office Seller ... Some agencies offer to make a cash payment in its branches, and then arrange a property abroad. This option is useful, but unreliable.

Fortunately, there is safe and convenient way to pay bills for the property in other countries and individuals, and for companies.

The first way is clear: transfer from your bank account to the Russian payee - seller of real estate in another country. You will need a personal bank account, contract of sale of the object and its notarized translation into Russian. However, this method of payment is a minus - the bank is obliged to notify the operation to the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring. Is likely to, ensue tax check and you will need to report on their sources of income, what, generally, troublesome, takes a lot of time and nerves.

Second method easier and safer, because you will not have to deal with any cash, with any financial service - opening an account with a foreign bank in his name. In one case, it can be done right in Russia, others require a trip to the country, where you are planning to buy a house or apartment. Obtain permission to open an account is not necessary, sufficient notice of this fact Revenue Service at the place of permanent residence. Within one month from the date of opening of the account you want to print two copies of the form from the site of the Federal Tax Service, complete and include a notice to the Tax Office in person, or pass through an agent. One copy will remain in the FTS, and second, marked, give the vendor. After that, you will become the rightful owner of the account and can make all the possible financial transactions, including the transfer of money from his Russian bank accounts in foreign accounts.

Regardless of the amount of, transaction not fall into the zone of control of financial and tax services - Because the money will stay in one host. In this way, the correct amount of money would be on your foreign accounts, from which you can easily pay deal. Translation from Russian accounts of the local tax services, generally, suspected causes. Because you are not a resident of the country, which make a purchase, nor have there tax status, financial services are not interested in you too. So you legitimately and without much contact with local governments pay and to assure the transaction.

This method works for both private, and for legal entities. In the second case, the circuit will be slightly different, but still simple and safe: you need to become the owner of the share capital of the company and make a contribution to his or net assets of your company. After that, you just have to transfer funds from the account of the Russian companies on foreign.

In civilized countries with sound banking system, where our compatriots often acquire property, you should not have any problems with payment. But before you make a deal and open an account, just in case Read and understand the country's financial legislation, in which you are going to become the owner of property, or contact a good local lawyer. This is especially true of countries, in which the Russians rarely buy houses and apartments.

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