It is easy to furnish your flat in any Turkish city including Antalya and Alanya as there is a great variety of affordable offers. The main thing is to identify what you are going to buy and we will tell you where to buy your furniture at the best price.
If you have purchased a standard 2+1 flat with two bedrooms you are going to have the following shopping list of basic things:
Комплекс BestHome 15 VIP (15 Бест Хоум), Оба, Аланья, Турция
1. Kitchen:
– furniture – table (60-400 TRY), 4-6 chairs (15-120 TRY per one item). As a rule, the flats in Turkey are sold with a complete kitchen installed which includes a sink and a table top, that’s why you don’t have to spend much money for your kitchen.
– household appliances – a gas stove (from 300 TRY), a cooking hood, a dishwasher and a washing machine (1200 – 2000 TRY), a fridge (from 500 TRY).
In total: 2120 – 3680 TRY.
2. Bedroom:
– furniture – a double bed (from 100 TRY), armchairs (from 100 TRY to 800 TRY per one item), a chest of drawers (from 60 TRY), a wardrobe (from 100 TRY), a chiffonier (from 40 TRY), a mirror (from 40 TRY).
In total: 1150-1950 TRY.
Комплекс BestHome 15 VIP (15 Бест Хоум), Оба, Аланья, Турция3. Living room:
– furniture – a table (from 150 TRY), a sofa (500-1500 TRY), a desk (from 50 TRY), a TV stand (from 150 TRY);
– household appliances – TV (from 350 TRY), a satellite dish (from 200 TRY).
In total: 1300 – 2400 TRY.
As you see, there are about 5000 – 8000 TRY (2500-4000 USD) to furnish a two-bedroom flat.
Obviously, we considered cheap options and basic shopping list to help you to identify a sum to spend. If you plan to spend more money or your flat is more spacious, this sum is not enough for you.
Moreover, don’t forget about interior decorations, accessories and other staff to create a cozy and unique atmosphere at your flat which include bed clothing, bedcovers, blankets, towels, table cloth, curtains, lamps, dishes and other necessary things. This list depends on your financial opportunities, desires and individual requirements.
You might have determined the things you need for your new flat and the only question bothers you right now: where to buy furniture? Below you will find the answer to your question.
Option 1. You can do it with the help of companies which can fully complete your flat from a design project to complete finish and furnishing. It is a convenient option if you are away and you want to come to a fine flat with all the necessary things ready, furniture bought and appliances installed.
Advantages: it is a time-saving option, you can coordinate the process remotely, there is no communication problems with the employees of these companies.
Disadvantage: additional payment for the service of the company.
Option 2. You can check the offers yourself. If you are in Antalya you can go to Aspendos or Jeni Sanai district which have a lot of international and local interior shops. The other option is Sharampol in the center of Antalya and the street of Kapaly Yolu, Ishiklar. You will find there many shops offering the furniture, interior decorations, textile and other necessary things for your flat.
Advantages: it is a perfect option for those who adore shopping and want to discover Antalya better as you can combine your walks with a shopping. Also you will be able to save your money as many shops have discounts and special promotions.
Disadvantage: you have to spend some time.
Option 3. You can buy everything on the internet. The majority of shops and malls in Antalya provide their service online and you can purchase everything you need on the internet. They have English version and you will not have any communication challenges.
Advantages: it is a time-saving option which allows you to compare several products of the same type and choose the best one.
Disadvantages: you see the product you want to buy in the photo only and you can’t touch it.
Option 4. You can buy furniture, household appliances and all the necessary things at malls in Antalya and other cities. The most popular brands are the following:
– furniture from international and Turkish manufacturers: Alfemo, Gala, Kelebek, Yagmur, Cilek, Casa mobilya, Bellona, Lerona;
– furniture and decor accessories – Koctas, Istikbal, Ipek, TepeHome;
– household appliances – Vestel, Beko, Arcelik, Teknosa.
Advantages: you can do your shopping at one place that saves your time and quite convenient.
Disadvantages: your choice is constrained by the products in stock.
Your choice depends on your abilities, your time limit and your preferences in shopping. Anyway, shopping in Turkey is affordable, convenient and there is everything to make your flat stylish, cozy and comfortable.
Text: Jevgeniy Nazarenko