Generally, ISKAN is a detailed technical description of an apartment (Ferdi ISKAN) or a building (Genel ISKAN).

Genel ISKAN is issued to the developer after the building is put in commission. This document proves that the building is constructed in accordance to state regulations and standards including the architectural city map. Genel ISKAN includes the information concerning the amount of floors in the building, residential and common space, total square footage of the complex. This document has strict deadlines to be registered, otherwise it can be passed to another developer or destroyed.

If you purchase an apartment which is in the process of construction, the developer won’t have Genel ISKAN. In this case, it should be mentioned in the agreement that the building has not been finished yet. Moreover, the deadline of ISKAN registration must be mentioned in the agreement in accordance to the construction plan, also you must mention penalties for the developer in case the developer doesn’t meet the deadline. There are several option of penalties, for example, the developer will pay you some fee or you can dissolve the agreement.

In case the apartment is sold in a new building which has been put in commission, Genel ISKAN is obligatory to be provided. When you receive Genel ISKAN you can apply for Ferdi ISKAN for an apartment at municipal office. Ferdi ISKAN is required to receive bills for telephone line, water supply system, electricity and other facilities. The cost of ISKAN depends on the type of the building and varies from 800 to 2500 EUR.

In case you buy your property from the secondary market, you will receive Ferdi ISKAN from the last owner of the apartment. Sometimes owners don’t have this documents due to different personal reasons. If the owner doesn’t have this document, you will have to get Genel ISKAN which is used to receive Ferdi ISKAN at municipal office. You will pay a registration fee (136 TRY) and 106 TRY for release of the document. The city hall specialists can issue Ferdi ISKAN after they check that you don’t have any taxes liabilities. The document is signed by the developer of the building and examing commission representative.
Text: Jevgeniy Nazarenko