ЮНИСТРИМ (UniStream) денежные переводы в ТурциюInternational payment system "Unistream" began working with addressless remittances to Turkey. Now it is sufficient to specify the city sending and receiving transfer of the city – and money becomes available after 10 minutes.

To send unaddressed transfer to Turkey can be from any official point, provides translation UNISTREAM (partner banks, post office), and through Site UNISTREAM cards with MasterCard ANY Bank of Russia.

Maximum amount of transfer should not exceed 10 thousand US dollars or 7 thousand euros. The Commission - 2% the amount of transfer (to the administration adopted the currency of the country of the sender).

Get translation possible after 10 minutes after sending or in any post office (Turkish Post) or at any branch Active Bank (one of the largest private investment bank in Turkey). You should have a passport and a code translation.

Txt: Eugeny Nazarenko