We are often asked questions about, how much it costs care and maintenance of an apartment in Turkey. And so, Let's see, any costs of the apartments are in Turkey, for example Antalya.

Almost every future owner of real estate abroad face difficulties in paying the purchase. Transaction amount, generally, tens of thousands of dollars, so take a lot of money abroad is very risky. However, there are several legal ways to pay for their purchases abroad without loss and without risk.

International payment system "Unistream" started working with addressless remittances to Turkey. Now it is sufficient to specify the city sending and receiving translation and city money becomes available after 10 minutes.

Behind all the trouble, document and you enjoy planning a vacation to the sea, so you want as soon as possible to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the apartment, buy everything you need from furniture and household appliances. Therefore, as furnished apartments in Turkey Read more…