A selection of last minute deals for the purchase of apartments 1+1 in Alanya (Turkey) on the Mediterranean coast as low as 29000 euro.

Mortgage in Turkey – is not difficult. Turkish bank mortgage for a period of 10-15 years can be issued for just 7 days, and the amount will override the price of property for 30-60%.

We are often asked questions about, how much it costs care and maintenance of an apartment in Turkey. And so, Let's see, any costs of the apartments are in Turkey, for example Antalya.

News for buyers of Turkish home: reduced tax on real estate registration. Now home buyers will pay a tax on property registration (TAPU) villa or apartment in the amount of 4%, like before, а 3%.

Almost every future owner of real estate abroad face difficulties in paying the purchase. Transaction amount, generally, tens of thousands of dollars, so take a lot of money abroad is very risky. However, there are several legal ways to pay for their purchases abroad without loss and without risk.

International payment system "Unistream" started working with addressless remittances to Turkey. Now it is sufficient to specify the city sending and receiving translation and city money becomes available after 10 minutes.

Consulate of Ukraine, The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus in Antalya: address, Phones and opening hours.

Turkish authorities amended the procedure for issuing residence permits (Residence permit) for foreigners, and these changes will affect those foreign nationals, who own real estate in Turkey.

Belarus and Turkey from 1 th of June 2014 year visa canceled. Read more…

Behind all the trouble, document and you enjoy planning a vacation to the sea, so you want as soon as possible to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the apartment, buy everything you need from furniture and household appliances. Therefore, as furnished apartments in Turkey Read more…

Before the opening of the tourist season The Turkish government has made a number of changes in requirements, relating to the validity of passports of visitors and vacationers.

Much to our disappointment, and without any explanation in the press airline Wizzair in March 2014 year closed direction in Antalya. The route Kiev (Juliani) – Antalya – Kiev (Juliani) thing of the past. It was a great flight with reasonable price. Well, will wait for new airlines “low cost” in this direction. And it hardly will long remain empty. We Are […]

Buying Property in Turkey - this is exactly the case, when "stability" may buy. Read more about the analysis of the real estate market in Turkey ...

This article will be useful to owners of real estate in Turkey, who are going to have either rent it for rent.

The issuance of visas to Turkish-labels at airports on arrival to Turkey will be abolished. Instead, the Turkish Foreign Ministry introduces electronic visas (e-View), which will need to execute on-line prior to departure to Turkey via the Internet.

Argued, that the housing abroad is expensive -, invest in it and their finances - volokitnoe deal, but it is not so.

Everywhere real estate has always been considered an ideal target for investment. Small companies and physical persons are increasingly seeking to purchase commercial or residential real estate, because these objects are the most promising investment in getting a guaranteed profit compared with other options of investing money.

About, that the best way to invest - a real estate object, speak with one voice and financial analysts, and brokers, working in this field. Meanwhile, not everywhere the real estate market so actively growing, how, e.g., in sunny Turkey. Read more…

All clear, that without the conclusion of a whole range of service contracts in the house will not leak water from the tap, and chandeliers will not cover your new home. On the provision of services to owners of apartments in Turkey read more…

If you decide to purchase a property in Turkey, but you can not remotely determine the object, that suits you best, We invite you to come to study tour.

If you decide to buy property in Turkey, but at the time did not have enough money for that, then you can consider the option of entering into a loan in one of the Turkish banks.

Before making a final decision about buying real estate in sunny Turkey, should examine in detail the question of spending, that you will incur, in addition to the amount of the accommodation.

According to Turkish law, any foreign citizen, buying property in Turkey, has the right to obtain a residence permit (Residence permit).

To use Turkey as a real estate property requires mandatory registration document entitled ISKAN. How important is this document when buying an apartment in Turkey are considered in this article.

TAPU – this document, which confirms the ownership of real estate in Turkey. Consider the features of registration of this document.

Wanting to buy a property in sunny Turkey, you should know about, that the procedure of buying is very similar to performing similar actions in other countries, but still has a number of differences…

Whom and how much you must pay for a visa?

To, in a quiet mode to get to their favorite apartments, need to plan your flight.